Thursday Thriller – Elly



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Present Day

Four-year-old Elly ran down the stairs two at a time.  She smelled breakfast.  Maybe pancakes, her favorite.  Mommy’s were the best!

There was a woman sitting at the table, her hands delicately folded under her chin, facing the stairs with an expectant smile as though she was waiting for Elly to come bounding down the steps.  An untouched cup of coffee sat next to her.  There was a long, purplish scar along her right cheek.  It wasn’t Elly’s mommy.

“Who are you?”  Elly asked.

“I’m Grace.”

“Where’s my mommy?”

“I’m your real mommy.”

She didn’t think Elly heard.  She could see that her attention had turned to the kitchen.

“Are you hungry, dear?”


Grace slid a pile of pancakes onto a plate, then drizzled them with syrup and chocolate chips.  Elly’s eyes were huge.  Mommy never let her eat sweets for breakfast during the week, just on Sundays.

Grace took another plate and descended the back stairs, pulling a key from her pocket and unlocking the door to the basement.  Zadie, the woman Elly called mommy, was sprawled on the couch.

“Elly’s having a lovely breakfast upstairs.  She’s such a delightful child.  I think we’re going to be very happy.”

Zadie didn’t answer.

Read Part 4 – Locked



8 thoughts on “Thursday Thriller – Elly

  1. Pretty freaky. Poor little girl never got to know her own mother thanks to Zadie and her disgusting husband, But something tells me The little girls real mother isn’t much better able to take care of her child. Great job.

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