“Bubba….when it comes to six-month old Mahdisyn….you ARE NOT the father,” the talk show host declared on the television screen.

“Ha, I knew it,” Connie laughed, popping a handful of cheese curls in her mouth.

She heard the engine of the school bus idling outside, followed shortly by the squeak of the front door opening, her six-year-old son Kevin coming up the steps.

He entered her bedroom clutching a sheet of construction paper, wearing the same downtrodden expression he had since his father moved out of their home.

“Here, mommy, I drawed a picture of you today,” Kevin said, handing her a picture of a blubbery woman lying in bed holding an orange bag, the floor around her littered with garbage.

Connie stood from bed, turned off the TV and stretched, deciding it was time for a run.

The prompt for the six sentence story challenge this week was draw.




23 thoughts on “Drawed

  1. Oh my, leave it to a child to tell it like it is!! I’m glad that his message got thru to his mom, and hopefully she’ll be able to get her life back on track for not only her sake but his. Very well done visuals with a great message… parenting never stops, the children aren’t to blame.

  2. I recall everyone thinking my neice was doing so well with her parents divorce until every time she drew a family picture her parents were both missing and everyone else in the pic was crying…even the dog…they could be doing something happy together but were still crying in every picture

  3. Oh, my a picture tells a thousand words, and motivated her like no words or languishing thoughts could. A marvelous, realistic story.

  4. Children see things that adults do not and in cases like this one, the adult paid attention to what he was seeing and it made her realize that she needed to make some changes for the sake of him and for herself! Good for her! Great story.

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