MWC – Eleven


Miniature Writing Challenge #29 – Every person has a favorite numberand it is significant to them for whatever reason. For this challenge, feature your favorite number in a short story, poem or haiku.

Naomi lay on the bare floor, staring up at the dress hanging on the side of her closet door.  It was more beautiful than words.   The color of champagne, with a high neck, sheer lace-overlay, cap sleeves and a flared skirt that hit her mid-thigh, it was the most gorgeous thing that had ever been in her home.  And by far her most extravagant purchase ever.  Or was it?  There was last month’s Dior one-shoulder black gown, and then the off shoulder ruffled maxi from Alice + Olivia from the month before that, but she couldn’t remember what she’d paid for those.  Besides, they weren’t shiny anymore.

She checked her account balance.  $11.00.  Her stomach grumbled as she headed to the grocery store.



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