Seeing the familiar sunflower bushes that had grown outside the wrought iron gates since my childhood stirred up the familiar sensations of anxiety in the pit of my stomach.  I kept these monthly visits with my parents short and sweet.  I knew I was the black sheep, the youngest and least successful of the three children.   A humble bartender, college-drop-out, living in a small apartment on the wrong side of town.  Not married.  I could hear their questions now.  My stomach cramped.

At least my two older siblings wouldn’t be there.  The golden children.  I tried to avoid visiting when they would be here, but it still broke my heart a little that we weren’t close anymore.

“Mom!”  I called out.

“In here!”

My mom was lying in bed, unheard of at 12 pm, her face bare with dark circles under her eyes, staring into nothing.  I rushed to her side.

“Your father filed for divorce,” she told me in a hoarse whisper.  I embraced her sadly, feeling the tension release.

For Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers


20 thoughts on “Parents

  1. Such a good tale Jenn for so often the ‘black sheep’ character can in fact have far more empathy than other more favoured children….it could be the start of a new relationship…

  2. That’s a surprise. I guess there are more important things then how she feels about her place in the family. The family is coming apart. Great job.

  3. A wonderful, touching story Jenn. The “black sheep” is there for her mother during the “fall” of her marriage. I agree with the others, it might be the beginning of a wonderful new relationship! Wonderful story!

  4. Great story, very authentic. Family is such an important bond, too bad the siblings not close anymore. Maybe the divorce of their parents will bring them together, did for me 🙂

  5. An enjoyable story. Her parents’ divorce might mark the end of her family as she knows it but it might be the chance for a beautiful new start for all of them. 🙂

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