The phone vibrated in her purse.  Another notification.  Celia had posted a gallery of photos on Facebook from her London trip.  Nora scrolled through the pictures, trying to smile, but it still stung, that she hadn’t been asked to come.  True, she probably would have turned them down- the expense, the crowds, the cold, it was all too much.  In fact, she usually turned them down, but the truth was, though she’d never admit it, was that she liked to be invited.  Why couldn’t they ever do something she could do?  Something quiet and peaceful, affordable, less chaotic.  Her friends were slipping away.

Nora crawled into bed, her phone still in hand.  She commented under a photo of the Shard, London’s tallest building – Gorgeous!  Glad you guys had fun!  Lunch tomorrow?   She put the phone on the pillow next to her and hoped for a response by morning.

For Sunday Photo Fiction 


21 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. It sounds like she likes to do different things then her friends do. People will stop inviting you after consistently getting a decline. Maybe she needs to make friends with people that likes the same type of things she does. Great story.

  2. I can very much relate. When I first became sick and even years later it hurts that I cannot be as close to my best friends as I used to. To me they are still my best friends but I don’t know if I still am to them. You just have to make your own life and do your best. My true best friend is a girl I only see once or twice every two months and it feels like we were never apart. Great take on the prompt.

  3. But I think if Nora keeps turning them down for such trips then they will naturally stop asking her right? Because they know that she will refuse…
    She shouldn’t feel left out like that. She can plan her type of outings and adventures with her friends instead.

    1. I guess this is how I felt a little when I first started having anxiety attacks. I couldn’t go anywhere with large crowds, confined spaces or where I would have to interact with a lot of strangers. I used to love going to concerts and stuff like that, but now not so much, and I felt like some of my friends just moved on. It stung at the time. But the blessing is that I learned who my real friends are.

      1. Oh yes, now that you speak of it, I’ve been through this too. And really one of the best benefits of it is that you get to know your real friends…
        The real friends still keep in touch. And it always means a lot. The gratitude I feel for those friends cannot even be put into words…

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