Photo – Jan W. Fields

Clare’s head throbbed as she listened to her young pupil Emily screech her way through her favorite pop song.   This girl is awful, Clare grumbled as she accompanied her on the piano.  When it was finally, thankfully, over, Gwen, Emily’s mother, clapped with reverential fervor.   When she noticed Gwen’s glare, Clare raised her hands from the piano keys and joined the applause.  Emily curtsied.

Gwen rose from the couch and handed Clare an envelope fat with cash.

“Thanks, Clare, I’m so glad Em has found something she’s good at.”

Clare smiled as she pocketed the envelope.

“So am I, Gwen.”

For Friday Fictioneers.



20 thoughts on “Talent

  1. Ouch! But I agree with you, some parents see only the amazing with their children whether it is true or not. Sets them up for a harsh reality check later in life. Hope she has a thick skin!

  2. Great story. Some parent’s can’t see the truth about their children in regards to certain talents. I remember a Mom of a kind in my grade 6 class who always yelled and raised her voice so loud you could hear her throughout the elementary school whenever her kid did something bad and got in trouble. He could do no wrong! I played piano for 10 years up to grade 12. My parents wouldn’t let me quit before then, even though my brothers did. Some people aren’t musically gifted in certain ways and I knew I was never very good at piano. Everyone I knew could just play where as I could practice a piece over and over and still not get it right.

    Good flashfiction!

      1. I didn’t have a choice. But finally, my Dad understood I didn’t enjoy them and it wasn’t my area of talent. I can read music atleast that’s something. Thanks

      2. I would have thrown a huge fit everyday, lol. I was a bratty teenager. I’m glad I took music classes as a teen though. I can read music too, it’s a skill I’m glad to have.

  3. How true!
    I so agree with that comment about those kids auditioning for shows like X factor and stuff like God, tell your kids the truth before they embarrass themselves in front of the whole world!

  4. And yet another child will go on thinking they are worth more than they are… a world of privileged kids who did not earn their way…

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