MWC – Breakup



Miniature Writing Challenge #26 is hosted by An Artist at Heart.  Find the challenge rules here.

Music surrounds us wherever we go. It reflects our emotions or elicits feelings from deep within our souls. Write a short story, poem or haiku about a music-induced experience.

“Work!  Work!  Work!”  Britney sang over the loudspeakers.   It was a song to which Callie loved to sing along in her car on the way to work, but during a spin class, she found it quite obnoxious.

“You want a hot body?  You better work!”  Britney ordered.  Callie trudged along, knowing her melting legs didn’t have another 50 minutes in them.  And to think she was here because of a boy.  She’d begged Adam to be honest.  “Tell me the truth. I can handle it.”

He looked away.  “It’s just…I like girls who are…you know…athletic…fit…”

“I get it,” she said.  But she’d been devastated.

Now, however, she realized she didn’t care what Adam thought of her or her body.  He didn’t matter.  She liked the effects working out had on her health, but she detested spin class.  She left her bike and never looked back.

Maybe she’d try Pilates.






6 thoughts on “MWC – Breakup

  1. Not a huge fan of doing Spin class myself. We have a spin bike in the basement and I hate the seat. I like the elliptical or the stair climber much better. The one that is like you are skating is good too. Pilates is very good at keeping you toned and nimble, I did it for years with cardio. Very good at working your core. Good story. I liked the ending 🙂

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