Photo – Amy Reese

Delia faced the last flight of overgrown, weed-covered steps that led to the waterfall.   The first time she’d come here, huffing and sweating, head down, she’d accidentally bumped someone.  The woman had sneered at her, mumbling “fatty,” as she walked by.

It was Delia’s first time back since that day.  She’d worked out to DVDs every afternoon since, in her living room with the shades drawn tight.  But today, she’d felt like the sunshine on her face.   She sat on the edge of the precarious cliff and dared the world to look at her.

For Friday Fictioneers


17 thoughts on “Cliff

  1. Love the story. Good for Delia for changing her weight issue and working out. Hoping to get there too. Glad she was happy at the end.

  2. How sad that that old woman called her a “fatty.” It’s good that she worked out and lost some weight, but still. That’s terrible that she called her names! Great story!

  3. Good story. Very sad, poor Delia. If she had lost weight for herself, and not for others’ stares, I’d have cheered her on. As it is, if she gains weight again, her problems with herself will be back.

  4. At least she had the determination to work at getting in better shape. Hopefully, the progress she has made will help her to keep it up. People often give opinions about things they do not know about and the comment she got before losing weight was uncalled for. There are numerous reasons as to why a person may be overweight. Nice post. 🙂

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