He’d brought her out here to kill her.  She saw it all so clearly now.  People claimed that right before you die, your life passes before your eyes.  It’s kind of true, but more than that.  You see it with new perspective.  Ross didn’t love her.  Maybe he did once.  But he didn’t anymore.  The pre-nup he’d signed nearly 10 years ago gave him next to nothing if they divorced.  He wanted to be free of her.  Free of their life together.  The trappings of a routine, chores, Friday night dates and Saturday morning soccer games.  He looked in the mirror and decided he wasn’t happy with the man he’d become and wanted a new start.  And she was in the way.

What was his plan she wondered?  Bring her out to this decrepit house in the middle of nowhere, pretend that he was interested in buying it as an investment and then push her down the stairs?  Pretend it was all an accident?   Or maybe he was just going to shoot her and bury her out here, pretend she’d vanished.

The car was coming to a stop at the end of a long dirt driveway.  Before the wheels stopped turning, she opened the door and jumped out, breaking into a sprint.  The main road wasn’t far.  Maybe he would catch her, maybe he wouldn’t.  Maybe she wouldn’t survive.  But, one thing she knew for certain, she would fight.

For Sunday Photo Fiction

Read pt 2 – Chase


23 thoughts on “Run

  1. A very scar thing to realize someone you once loved wants you dead,out of the way because you’re just an interference to the things he wants. Makes you wonder if you can ever know anyone at all? I hope she runs fast and lives. I hope she can find help, divorce him and leave him in prison. Great job, this was very suspenseful.

  2. Great suspense story…I kept thinking she was done for, but maybe she was a fast runner and got away! If she made it, and has another relationship…this is the kind of experience that can really put a damper on it. Trust is so important….easy to lose, and hard to get back.

  3. Wow, so intense, great job with the suspense and fear! And yet we never hear exactly why she thinks he wants to kill her, so I see a door open to marvelous ambiguity — maybe he doesn’t actually want to kill her, and she’s the one who’s gone crazy over the years.. (Cackle) 🙂

  4. Read part two immediately after so I could get the whole story in one go. I do like the build up in tension, the realisation of what he has brought her there for and then making a break for it.

    Wonder how far she will get.

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