Photo Prompt – Melanie Greenwood

Lind felt an overwhelming sensation of calm as the plane reached 30,000 feet.  She wasn’t going to try anymore.  Her body had been poked, prodded, invaded, over-stimulated, injected, and implanted. She was exhausted.   Her infertility had ruined her marriage.

Her mother had wailed, lamenting her lack of grandchildren.  Lind absolved herself of any guilt.  She wasn’t responsible for continuing her family’s name.  Her body wasn’t depreciating in value.  It wasn’t a time-bomb waiting to implode.  She was just coming into her own.  She took a long sip of champagne and stared at the infinite blue sky.  The sun was coming up.

For Friday Fictioneers


20 thoughts on “Infinity

  1. A stereotype we need to and are getting over I hope, that a women is valuable merely for her reproductive capibities. There are many couples who don’t have kids. Fur babies are good enough.

      1. Yeah, I think even woman who do have kids. I mean if they want they can have tons of kids like they used to, but if you just want one or two it’s good. If you want none it’s fine. Up to us now.

  2. I love the way you’ve written this, but I really hope Lind genuinely believes she has nothing to feel guilty about. She needs to know her infertility didn’t ruin her marriage. I’m worried about how she’ll feel when the sun goes down again (which I think means your writing’s got through to me).

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