It seemed a good idea at the time.   Carrie had pretended she needed help changing light bulbs in her apartment so she’d have an excuse to invite her cute neighbor inside.  She hadn’t planned it out.  Now she was at a party thrown by Erick’s company, standing at his side as always, a sparkling engagement ring on her finger.   Erick thought she was a complete ditz, and why wouldn’t he, considering how they’d met, and she found herself playing the role with gusto every day since.   She never imagined they would end up dating for five years.

“I see you brought our favorite arm candy,” Erick’s boss, the CEO, said has his lips brushed Carrie’s cheek.  Carrie smiled and Erick beamed at her, before launching into a lengthy work-related conversation with his boss. Carrie had an idea for a new app, one she thought could change the world.  Getting the CEO’s feedback on it would be awesome.  Silently, she tried to muster the courage to speak up, to ask his opinion, but the nagging voice in her head told her to stay quiet.  She should ignore it.  She was just as smart as Erick.  She deserved to be heard.

Didn’t she?

For Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner 


16 thoughts on “Doubt

  1. Hard situation. She loves Eric but she needs to show him she’s no dumb girl, she’ll forever be frustrated that he doubts her lack of intelligence if she doesn’t. Not to mention, if Eric doesn’t think she’s smart other men will take ques from him and treat her as ‘arm candy.’
    Great job.

      1. I can relate. I know girls who were like that with their boyfriends when they were younger. When they got new boyfriends they learned more to be themselves. I think that’s the whole thing with relationships its two wholes go together no two halves.

  2. This story says a lot in only a few words and the other comments are right on. She has found herself thinking of herself only as “arm candy.” That’s going to be tough for her to overcome but worth the struggle.

  3. She waited a long time to really let it be known how smart she is, but it’s never too late. She should speak up and change that. Her intelligence is wasted if she doesn’t correct the situation and she will stay miserable and unappreciated. Wonderful story.

  4. First impressions can be killers to break away from… now even she believes her own first impression!

    Thanks so much for participating this week. Hope to see you for Week #3!

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