No Filter


“Amy, you look tired.”

“I’m not tired.  I’m just not wearing makeup.”

“Amy, are you sick?”

“No, just not wearing makeup.”

“You’re so short!  Did you shrink?”

“No, just opted for flats tonight.”

“No makeup?  You know you can wear natural makeup.  No one can tell you’re wearing any and you won’t look so…exhausted…”

“I’m sick of spending an hour getting ready to go out while the guys are on the couch scratching themselves.”

“Flats?  Seriously?”

“Why would I torture myself voluntarily?”

“Ick!  What happened to you?”

Amy got tired of answering versions of the same question over and over and escaped to the bathroom.  She pulled the forgotten makeup bag from the bottom of her purse and stared at her reflection.  As she raised the sponge to her cheek, something inside her caught fire.  She dumped the cosmetics bag in the trash in its entirety and left the bathroom, then ducked out of a side door.  Standing on the street, feeling the cool night wind on her bare face, she raised her arm to hail a cab.




19 thoughts on “No Filter

  1. Usually “are you sick” is a question guys asks girls when they go without makeup. So it was interesting to me that even her friends were saying that to her. If she has nice clear skin or even if she just feels like it why should she wear makeup all the time? Personally, I love it and I think my skin is not so nice because I’m very pale and used to have bad skin. So, I am more comfortable wearing even just a little. But to each their own. She shouldn’t have to, it’s her face.

    1. Agreed!

      I’ve gotten the “you look tired” comment from more women than men. But yes, I agree, I think it’s good to let your skin breathe now and then. And give your feet a break.

  2. *slow claps after reading this* My favorite piece from you yet! I relate so much to this piece. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. This reminds me of the time when I stopped plucking my eyebrows to a fine line. The amount of concern from my girlfriends that raised… It’s like “when one of us stops, will the other be guilty by association and thought of as having bushy eyebrows, as well?” It’s sad that women put such pressure on each other, isn’t it? Important story, this!

  4. This happens sometimes with me. “are you sick?” “Are you tired?” “Are you low?”
    I find it funny usually…. Probably because I don’t care much…

  5. As someone who very rarely wears makeup, I love this. A woman should feel comfortable in her own skin, without having to slap on a mountain of product. 🙂 Wonderful piece.

  6. Good for you! I think most women can relate to this. My own parents tell me to put makeup on cuz I “look like a ghost” without it. I admire your unwavering ability to not give in and put on makeup just cuz some entitled asshats think they can tell you how to look. Great post, I’m hitting you up with a follow!(:

    Care to check out my site?(:



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