“Don’t you think a skeleton is a bit of a creepy decoration for a baby’s room?”  Nadia asked.

“Of course not!”  Tara rubbed her swollen belly.  “Marie is going to be a doctor.”

“You know that already?”

“Yes,” Robert interjected.  “Tara and I are both respected doctors.  It will be in her blood.  We think her specialty will be orthopedics.   Every bone will be labeled with its name so she can learn them from a young age.”

“She’ll have a leg up on the competition once she’s in medical school.”

Nadia shook her head, deciding to keep her mouth shut.

Thirty years later, the skeleton sat in Marie’s bedroom in her new home, spray painted every color of the rainbow, wearing glasses and a wig.  A framed photo of one of her award-winning art installations, on display in a museum in Boston, stood next to it. Her aunt Nadia had her arm wrapped around her in the photo.  They had matching smiles.


22 thoughts on “Nature

  1. Nice story. I still think it’s weird to put it in a baby’s room. Wouldn’t that give her nightmares when she was a bit older? But I liked the ending where she became an artist instead and spray painted the skeleton.

  2. Wonderful story! I think having a skeleton in a baby’s room is quite weird, but if the skeleton was in there from babyhood, then the child would grow up thinking nothing of it. Instead of a teddy bear…she had a skeleton!

  3. It was such a relief to know that she didn’t become a doctor! XD
    I belong to the South Asian subcontinent, you know? And there, all parents decide that their kids will be doctors when they grow up. And it’s so funny, but at the same time, I find it a little annoying too, ’cause often any other field other than medical and engineering is looked down upon. So for people like me who prefer to make something out of Arts or Humanitarian Sciences usually put up with a lot of discouragement from society :/
    But I’m so happy for this girl 😀

  4. I hope her parents aren’t too disappointed in their daughter’s career decision! At least she found a use for the skeleton, even if it wasn’t quite what they had intended. 🙂

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