Books of 2015


So, according to my Goodreads Year In Books, I read 39 books in 2015.  It’s so hard to pick a favorite this time.  The clear favorite of 2014 was Fangirl, but this year I think there are a lot of contenders.  So, I think I’ll go with a top five.

  1. To Kill A Mockingbird – A classic that I can’t believe it took me this long to read.  I’ve never read a book that captures childhood so perfectly.
  2. Girl on the Train – A delicious mystery told by an unreliable narrator, set in the place that I should have been born, the UK.  Love it.
  3. Rescue Me, Maybe – Words can’t express how much I love this book.  A story of a young widow who copes with her grief and learns about unconditional love from the abandoned dog that finds her.  A beautiful story with a great message and a lovely, hopeful ending. What could be better?
  4. 32 Candles – The main character, Davie Jones, is a little kooky, and I love her for it.  A heartfelt, bittersweet rom-com about finding your happy ending a little later than you intended.
  5. Brooklyn – This one I was prompted to read because I heard raves about the movie version, though I hear the movie changes the ambiguous ending that I loved so much about the book.  A poignant story about a girl torn between two worlds.  Beautifully written and stays with you long after it’s over.



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