Reality Bites


Copyright Jean L. Hays

Rachel made it look so easy on Friends.   I was supposed to move to NYC, work at a cute little coffee-shop and find a group of adorable buddies/roommates, having grand adventures and falling in and out of love along the way.

Reality  – my job at the coffee-shop barely covers my share of the electric bill at the roach-infested apartment where I live with six, yes six, disgusting flatmates.  I have THREE jobs, haven’t made a single friend, and got mugged my first week here.

But I’m not giving up.  You know what they say – if I can make it here…


For Friday Fictioneers


20 comments on “Reality Bites

  1. Sonya says:

    Ah, there was a time when I thought I’d move to NYC and become the next Carrie Bradshaw. It feels like I know your narrator…

    Happy New Year 🙂

  2. Joy Pixley says:

    Ah, if only life were really like those TV shows! Nice story, very relatable.

  3. rogershipp says:

    Loved the determined persistence! She will go far!!!

  4. Hiba says:

    Haha how true though

  5. I love the title to your story because it certainly holds true for the character of your story! LOL! She has an iron will (more so than I ever would have!)

  6. Hiba says:

    Hola, Jenn!
    I nominated you for the #GirlLove challenge:
    Which is probably more like an award than a challenge.
    But please do check it out, I’m sure you’ll like it 🙂

  7. Dale says:

    I say she’ll make it. All that hard work has to amount to something! (Yeah, TV life is sooooo much easier!)

  8. I’ve never felt the pull of big city life. This girl has gumption so she’s going places.
    Happy New Year Jenn,

  9. luckyjc007 says:

    Apparently she wants to live there real bad! So, it will work out for her eventually.

  10. Margaret says:

    Poor girl. I hope she finds her way before she loses enthusiasm. You show her predicament really well.

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