“Why do we always come here?” Susan asked as she perused the menu.  She didn’t know why she bothered looking.  They always ordered the same thing.  The place was cozy and out of the way, but a bit of a dump.

“I thought you loved the food here,” Tom said, putting the menu down and motioning to the waitress.  The waitress smiled coyly at him.  He had that effect on women.

“I do.  It’s just…you’ve never even met any of my friends.  They don’t believe you exist.”  She chuckled joylessly.

“I will meet them soon.  I promise.”

Susan knew Tom was lying.  He would go weeks without calling or texting, then would reach out to her, out of the blue, like tonight.  One day he would stop contacting her at all.  And she would learn on social media that he was engaged to some perfect woman.  Some woman he was probably already dating.  A woman from the right family, with the right looks who had gone to the right schools.  Not an “average” woman like her.  He’d actually called her that to her face once, “average,” as though it were a compliment.

She should stand up right now and walk away, like a heroine in some chick flick.  A true girl power moment.  But she wouldn’t.  Sitting across from this man, this gorgeous man, even in this hole in the wall, she was more than average.


21 thoughts on “Average

  1. He is like this bad habit we try to get rid of, but keep going back to. You know it won’t make you happy long-term, but it feels so good in the moment you don’t care. Love your story 🙂

  2. Oh man, this takes me back. I’m still mad at myself that I didn’t grab my power girl moment when he said “you’re not exactly the girl I was looking for…”

    Fantastic writing 🙂

  3. A deceitful deceptive thought.
    She should’ve left instead of thinking that with him she was more than average.
    A woman doesn’t need a man to make her feel more that average.
    But this story does reflect reality…
    It’s an amazing story actually 🙂

  4. This story is very good. I think it is pretty true to life for many women myself included. What we never realize about these guys is they are not as good as they or we think they are. They hide behind good looks but they are empty and care about the wrong things. The right guy would see your lady character as beautiful and perfect as she is. Until she lets go of this guy she will never find the one that sees the beauty in her.

  5. She should have told him…”you’er pretty average yourself!” And, don’t be available the next time he decided it was time to spend part of his valuable time with her…

  6. Wonderful story Jenn! It tells me as much about her as it does about him. I feel sad for her because she thinks that being with him is being above average. She has low self esteem and needs to learn she can do so much better than him!

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