Etol Bagam

“Thank you for taking the kids!  I’ll be back in an hour.”

“Oh, it’s no problem!”

Iris smiled and thanked her friend again before heading down the driveway.  She turned, making sure the door was shut and the blinds drawn before walking past her car, in the direction of the main road.  She let her umbrella drop and turned her head toward the sky, letting the cold raindrops run down her face, through her hair.

She’d changed her last diaper, negotiated her last tantrum, wiped her last snotty nose, washed her last load of urine-soaked sheets, scrubbed her last oatmeal-encrusted bowl, spent her last sleepless night.

She’d imagined long sun-dappled days, the laughter of children in the air.  Singing her babies to sleep and reading them stories that she’d written and illustrated.  Not the stench of human waste, her clothes covered in all manner of bodily fluid, sticky hands always reaching for her, mouths screaming, demanding, needing, only her, never their father.  Always Mommy.

It was her or them.  She chose her.

For Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers


24 thoughts on “Mommy

  1. I think at one time or the other all mothers have felt this way…but not to the extent of walking away. There are good times and bad times in raising children and it’s better to concentrate on the good times! Some people are just not meant to be parents and maybe they just find out too late, I can’t relate to that, so I don’t know.

    1. I think you’re right. Most people fantasize but never do it. Sometimes people take on too much and don’t know when to ask for help, also. They have two parents for a reason.

  2. I have 2 kids. Sometimes I do need a break, but I never ever thought about leaving for good. I do have a somewhat similar attitude with pregnancy though. Although both were good ones (no complications at all) I hated them both. But that didn’t stopped me from having my second kid. Once they smile at you, once you seem them happy, all the bad times just vanish from your memory and you melt and are sure you made the right choice to have them. But that’s me, and as Jessie said above, not everyone was meant to be parents… I would just have wished she realized it before having them. Nice story anyways, though. 😉

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