PHOTO PROMPT- © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Breakfast!  Pancakes with maple syrup, chopped fruit and whipped cream.  Cleanup!

Lunchtime for the little ones!   Chicken nuggets and french fries. Cleanup!

School’s out!  Snack time!  Peanut butter crackers, chopped up fruit and veggies.  Cleanup!

Dinner!  Chili – her mother’s recipe.  Always a crowd-pleaser. Cleanup!

Tomorrow’s bag lunches to make!   Sandwiches, Capri Suns, baked chips.  Cleanup!

Quiet.  She wipes down the counters until they sparkle.  She takes the bottle from the cabinet above the refrigerator, taking a long sip as she stares out the window.  The warmth spreads to her legs and her shoulders relax.  Her stomach grumbles.

For Friday Fictioneers

12 thoughts on “Invisible

    1. Yes, so many of my friends who are moms are like this when their kids are capable of making their own snacks and lunches at the very least. I see why my mom taught us to cook from a young age, lol. Thanks for reading.

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