Writers Quote Wednesday – Star Wars!!!


Can you tell I am excited about the new Star Wars movie?  I’m a lifelong Star Wars fan.  I know my heart will lift tomorrow evening when I see these words scroll across the screen as the beginning strains of the familiar movie score fill the auditorium.  These movies were such an escape for me, as they were I’m sure for generations of kids.   I’m glad that I never lost the spark of imagination that made me fall in love with all of the characters, good and bad, in this far away galaxy.  Seeing those words on the screen, the ones that start every Star Wars film,  turn me into a kid all over again.

If you are a fan of the movies I hope you enjoy The Force Awakens too.  But no, I’m not selling my tickets.

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5 thoughts on “Writers Quote Wednesday – Star Wars!!!

  1. Luke…. I am your father! How can you not love Star Wars? I would like to get all the movies and rewatch them one a week until I am caught up! ❤

  2. My daughter is visiting from New Zealand. Last week I celebrated my 60th birthday. As part of my present, she brought me a t-shirt and shorts emblazoned with “I am your father”.

    Is she telling me that she thinks of me as Darth Vader? Hahaha!

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