Missed Call



“Isn’t that Barry there at the light?”  Sara pointed to the man clad in a dark pinstripe suit standing at the corner, waiting for the light to change.

“It is!” Cass bounced in her seat like an excited child.  “And he’s holding the new phone I got him for our anniversary.”


“You know what would be funny?  I should call him!   He’ll be shocked.  I never come to this part of town for lunch.”

“Maybe he can eat with us.”

“Yeah, maybe so.  He loves Cuban food.”

Cass pulled out her phone and pressed two on her speed dial.  They both watched as Barry checked his illuminated phone, rolled his eyes, and sent the call from Cass to voicemail.  Sara was too shocked to speak, covering her mouth in a gasp.  Cass pulled off her painfully high stilettos and broke into a run, knowing she had to make it to the corner before the light changed.  She reached Barry in the nick of time, snatching the phone from his hand and dropping it down a nearby sewer drain.  Barry stared at her, open-mouthed, as pedestrians pushed their way around him.

“Light’s green, darling, you should go.  You’re holding up progress.”

She returned to Sara, who handed over her shoes, stunned.  “That was awesome.”

Cass shrugged.  “I learned a while ago, when it comes to relationships, to stop getting embarrassed and start getting even.”

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15 thoughts on “Missed Call

  1. Haha. This a great story, very well deserved action takes place to Barry. I love the strength of Cass. ” I learned awhile ago when it comes to relationships to stop being embarrassed and start getting even.” That was rude of Barry, I don’t think he’ll be so cavalier again. If he has a girlfriend at all. Well written.

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