A New Day



On Friday everything changed.   Lina had eaten the same low-fat bran cereal and gone to the same dull job for six years.  Today will be different, she decided, a greasy fast food biscuit warming her belly. She would go swimming at the lake.  Then she’d stop by the animal shelter and volunteer for a few hours.  And she would finally tell Chad that she… her stomach lurched violently.   Her car veered into the path of a truck as she gagged.

When the paramedics pulled her from the wreckage, her final words before she closed her eyes were, “A new day.”

For Flash! Friday


11 thoughts on “A New Day

  1. Oh dear. I think the lesson is don’t go for the fast food brekkie on the first day of your new life… Great how you left us wondering what she was going to tell Chad!

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