Thursday Thriller – Odd Girl Out – Conclusion


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Megan freshened her lipstick and stared at herself in the mirror, delaying the inevitable.  She didn’t want to face the day.  Again, her daughter was being buried, but this time in the family plot, in the cemetery where their family had been laid to rest for generations. Something no mother should have to face.  She’d insisted on just a small, graveside service.  A few close relatives and friends.  She couldn’t handle a big crowd today.  But, she would get through it somehow.  Finding peace in finally knowing the truth.  And making the people responsible pay.

Of course, she’d had to do it alone.  Will, how she loved him, but he’d been so destroyed after Stella disappeared.  He wouldn’t have been any help.  He knew about her plan of course, and thought it was crazy, but she didn’t see any other way.

She’d married and had Stella young.  People always told her she looked much more youthful than her actual age.  A bottle of hair dye, a few shopping trips, colored contacts, some forged documents and a pair of over-sized glasses later, and nerdy Maggie was born.  That Gwen had never given her a second look. Maggie was an odd. All those people cared about was money and status.

She laid low that first summer.  She wanted to experience everything Stella experienced.  Her Stella.  A girl who lived in her imagination.  Who loved books and writing.  Who sang with her in the kitchen as they baked every weekend.  Such a sweet soul.  Megan wiped her eyes.  For Stella, she endured the cruelty, the bullying, the hazing, with quiet strength, then used the next year to turn Scarlett’s soldiers against her.  As she’d suspected, they all secretly detested her.  It didn’t take long to earn their trust.  And finally, one summer night, the windows open to a bright silvery moon, a cool wind rushing through the trees, Scarlett locked in the closet, kicking the door, trying to scream, Laina had told her the truth.

She tried to scare Gwen and Scarlett into confessing, leaving those notes, stalking them, but it hadn’t worked.  Neither of them seemed to have a conscience.  Laina, Regan, Ashlee, and Charity had all been arrested after she’d uploaded the pictures from Gwen’s phone to a zip drive, along with Laina’s secretly recorded confession, and sent them to the cops anonymously.  They all had fancy lawyers, would probably get minimal time.  They were just soldiers following orders.

As for Gwen and Scarlett – they hadn’t been seen in weeks.  A hastily composed resignation letter had been found on Gwen’s computer.  Rumor had it that Scarlett’s family was hiding her, which they vehemently denied.  Some said Gwen was on the run, living in a new state under an assumed identity.  Megan knew better.

She stood from her vanity and smoothed her dress, noticing something dark under one of her fingernails.

A tiny speck of dirt.

She washed her hands, checked her appearance once again, and went to join her husband.  They would get through this day together.


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