Not So Chance Encounter


I am in bed on a gorgeous Sunday.   It’s noon.  My stomach rumbles.   I need sustenance and caffeine.  An omelette with spinach and mushrooms sounds divine.  And a coffee as tall as me.

I peek out my window at the sidewalk cafe beneath my building.  The coast is clear. I dress in a hurry and race downstairs.  Thankfully, there’s no line.  I give a rushed order to the owner and wait, tapping my foot.

“Amanda!”  A voice screeches behind me.  My stomach drops.  I force my eyes not to roll as I spin around.  “Faith.”  I respond.

“Imagine running into you here!”

“It is my favorite place for brunch.  Has been for years.”

“Join us?”

I sigh.  “Faith, your son and I aren’t together any longer.  I don’t see a need for us to socialize.  I just want to get some take-out in peace.”

“Of course.  Enjoy your Sunday.”   Her shoulders deflate as she turns away.

“Faith!”  She faces me  “Of all my almost mothers-in-law, you are my favorite.”

She laughs and waves goodbye.

For Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers








27 thoughts on “Not So Chance Encounter

  1. Great story! I was happy that she let her know that she was her favorite almost mother-in-law because it seems she was so disappointed that she wouldn’t have breakfast with her.

  2. Encounters with ‘almost mothers-in-laws’ can never be easy. It was nice of her to tell Faith that she was her favourite – though it does make me wonder just how many ‘almost mother-in-laws’ she’s actually had! Great story. 🙂

  3. I thought either Amanda,or Faith, was a horrible person until Amanda said “Of all my almost mothers-in-law, you are my favorite.” Which makes me wonder why she is avoiding Faith, is the son at the table too? I stayed friends with my Almost-Mother-in-Law for years after I broke up with her son. I declined any invitation where I knew he would be present, but I was still friendly with her.

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