Animal Therapy


Darkness cloaked Eva’s brain as her shaky hands turned her steering wheel down the gravel drive.  Rolling down the window, she welcomed the cool breeze, the smell of sweet grass.   She nodded at the ranchers, who tipped their hats.  They knew her around here; she wasn’t really predisposed to long conversations.  Not with humans anyway.

She stood on the bottom rung of the wooden fence.  Maisy clomped over, a beautiful, gleaming black mare.  She rested her forehead against Maisy’s face, letting her breath match hers until the fog lifted.

“Maisy – you always know just what to say!”

Maisy snorted and Eva laughed.

For Sunday Photo Fiction.


17 thoughts on “Animal Therapy

  1. I think eventually the knob on the roller broke but you could still roll down the window. Lucky it was a rear window not the front ones which were more critical for “natural” air conditioning.

      1. Fun times! My dad had an 80-something dodge aspen with pleather seats that burned our shorts-wearing legs in the summer. No seat belts, no car seats, body-slamming my brother in the backseat. Good old days!

      2. Yeah I rember our dog got the front seat floor space with his head on the transmission “hump” and was panting like crazy due to torrid heat. My sister and myself scrunched in the back and as you say body slamming on curves and area was full of them as it was hilly.

  2. This is nice. That connection btw people and their animals is so special. Animals sense of our emotions is amazing, they always know what to do, our favourite pets. Great job.

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