She hadn’t been photographed in over 50 years.  She was inconsequential now; just a frail woman with thinning gray hair, her face a mask of sagging skin and wrinkles.  A far cry from the alluring girl in those Cola ads from the 1950’s, wearing the famous red and white polka-dot swimsuit that now hung in the Smithsonian.  She still had fans.  Young girls with short bangs and pin curls, wearing bright red lips and A-line dresses.   She would rather they remember her as she was.

“Ms. Lee?”

‘How did you recognize me?”

The woman smiled and pointed to her neck.  She was wearing her necklace with the one-of-a-kind dragon charm, a gift from a long ago suitor.

“Could I take a picture with you?”

She smiled and nodded her agreement.  After a quick snap, she watched as the woman uploaded the photo to one of those silly social networking sites.  The caption?  #TimelessBeauty.

For Flash! Friday


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