Thursday Thriller – Odd Girl Out – Part 5


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Two summers ago

“It’s unfortunate, but we all know how teenage girls can be…”  Gwen let her voice trail off.  In her office were two police detectives, and Megan and Will, the parents of Stella.  Gwen rubbed her eyes.  It had been a long night. When Scarlett told her what happened, that a girl’s lifeless body was stuffed into the back of a closet like forgotten hand-me-downs, she’d been furious, but not shocked.  These girls had been raised to care about nothing and no one but themselves.  It would serve them right if she called the police and had all of their little pampered butts thrown in jail.  But then the truth about the hazing would come out.  And the fact that she’d turned a blind eye.  And she wasn’t jeopardizing her future for these brats.

So, at midnight, when the rest of the camp was asleep, they’d piled into Gwen’s SUV, Stella wrapped in sheets in the trunk.  She drove miles and miles away, deep into the country, where the sky sparkled with stars, where it was so quiet they could hear the beating of their own hearts.  They carried Stella deep into the woods, and they dug.  It took hours.  When Stella was buried, they all vowed never to speak of this night to anyone.  They’d arrived at the camp just before sunrise, and Gwen had reported Stella as a runaway.

“Not our daughter.”  Will was resolute.  Megan was staring at her, and Gwen was struggling not to shrink under her gaze.  Megan was a striking woman.  Even with traces of worry in her eyes, her brow furrowed, she was gorgeous.  No one would peg her as the mother of a teenager. She realized Megan was staring at her hands.   Under one of her fingernails, there it was.  A tiny speck of dirt.  Despite how long she’d scrubbed in the shower, how meticulously she’d checked her appearance before this meeting, a tiny speck had remained.  She put her hands in her lap, under her desk.

“Well, being away from home for the first time can be traumatizing for some young girls.  And it didn’t seem that Stella was…errr…meshing well with the others.  She seemed to spend a lot of time alone.”

“She would have called.”  Megan turned to the officers.  “She wouldn’t let us worry this way.”  Her voice broke.

One of the officers turned and placed a comforting hand on Megan’s shoulder.  “We hope that she’ll call soon. It’s possible she’s just upset, or went to visit a friend.”

Megan nodded, clearly not convinced.

“I think we have all we need,” said the second officer, closing his notepad.  “We’ll file a missing persons report.  Call us anytime.  We’ll be in touch.”

The officers turned to leave, and Stella’s parents followed.  Before Megan turned the corner, she gave Gwen another penetrating stare, and Gwen had the distinct impression she could see right through her.

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