Dirty Laundry


PHOTO PROMPT – © J Hardy Carroll

Katie was her friend.

That’s why she’d kept quiet.

That’s why she’d taken care of Katie’s children for the past week, doing laundry, cooking dinner, wiping tears, losing sleep.

That’s why when she found drops of red on Katie’s blouse, she pursed her lips and added a little more detergent to the washer.

Katie was back from her mysterious trip, tanned and relaxed.  She’d been to the Bahamas.  Sunning and swimming, while her kids wept for their father.

And that’s why she was here, talking to that detective again.

“I think my friend killed her husband.”

For Friday Fictioneers!


21 thoughts on “Dirty Laundry

  1. Woah, that was such an unexpected turn.
    Wow, I wish I could read some sort of a novel over some woman that murders her husband…
    That would be quite a read.
    Nice post though.
    My mini novel of a murdering wife… 😀

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