Anything for Mom

They would meet under the angel statue in the park where they shared their first kiss as teens.  It was so romantic.  Since Lana’s father died 20 years ago, her mom, Frances, had never expressed an interest in dating until a year or so ago.  She frequently mentioned Tate, her first boyfriend.  How much she’d like to see him again.  It had been easy for Lana to find Tate in the age of social media.

Lana and her sister Grace had driven Frances to the park.  They watched excitedly as a dapper older man approached Frances as she leaned against the base of the statue.  Then they watched in horror as Frances reared back and punched him right in the kisser.  “That’s for dumping me at senior prom for Regina!”

Frances smiled as she walked back to the car.  She rubbed her sore knuckles as they drove away in stunned silence.

“Thanks, girls.  I feel so alive!”

For Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

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