Thursday Thriller – Odd Girl Out Pt. 2


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Scarlett’s wrists stung. She rubbed them against each other to find relief.  Her legs throbbed as she limped along the trail, stopping at the banks of the rushing river to drink like an animal.  Her throat was raw.  Her lips dry and cracked.  She arrived at the front office just as Gwen was getting there, sitting down primly behind her desk with an iced coffee, scrolling through emails on her phone.

She took in Scarlett’s condition with no reaction.  “What happened to you?”

“You know what happened.”  Scarlett’s voice cracked, but her anger was unmistakable.  Those girls would pay.  Did they know who her father was?  How much money her family had donated to this disgusting camp over the years?  It wouldn’t even be operating anymore if it weren’t for them.  She twisted the frayed edge of her dress over and over with her damaged hands.  “I want all of the girls in A&B expelled or I call my dad.”

Gwen’s mouth twisted.  “I think you and I both know that’s not going to happen.”

Scarlett stepped closer, coming around Gwen’s desk so she could face her.  “You have no proof.”

Gwen opened a folder on her phone marked Camp Contacts.  She entered a password, and there Scarlett was.  There they all were.  Scarlett, Laina, Regan, Charity, Ashlee.  Two summers ago.  Standing over an open grave.

“You took pictures of us!  How dare you!”  Scarlett’s face was beet red.

“Do you know what happens when worker bees tire of their queen?”  Gwen asked as Scarlett crossed her arms.  “They turn on her.  Surround her and sting her over and over until she dies.”  Scarlett rolled her eyes, but stepped back as Gwen moved closer.

Gwen closed the photos and put the phone in her desk drawer.  “I have many back up copies, in case you were thinking about trying to delete the evidence.”  Gwen smiled cheerily and started flipping through a magazine on her desk.   “I need you to get cleaned up and changed.  Breakfast is in an hour.”   Scarlett had been dismissed.

She would have stormed out the door, but her legs were too sore.  She settled for narrowing her eyes, giving Gwen an icy glare and limping quickly out of the room.

The girls were already gone when she got back to A&B.  Cowards.

There was a note on her bed.   Her hands shook as she read it.

Where is Stella?

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