Writer’s Quote Wednesday – John Lennon

“I don’t like Batman…I like Robin,” said my two-year-old niece, completely confounding me.  What does she mean she doesn’t like Batman?  All kids love Batman.  Who would rather be Robin than Batman?

“Why do you like Robin?” I asked, holding up a DVD cover with a picture of the cartoon versions of the characters.

“See,” she pointed to the picture. “Batman is big…Robin is small, like me.”

I kissed her curly head and put her down on the floor to play.  On the drive home, I thought about my niece, how she’s the youngest of four, probably ignored and pushed aside by her siblings, fighting for attention, to not get lost in all the chaos.  No wonder she found a kindred spirit in the Boy Wonder.  She learned an important lesson from him – even if you’re the smallest one in the room, you aren’t powerless.

We all are the “Robin” in our relationships sometimes.  Part of being a good friend is knowing when to step aside and let someone else have the spotlight.  And if they are a truly good friend, they know when to step back and let us play Batman for a little while.

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7 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday – John Lennon

  1. What an excellent quote and I love how you linked it to Batman and Robin. Some great observations about friends, here. I couldn’t agree with you more! ❤

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