The Dress

It fit!  It finally fit.  The dress that she’d been wearing the night she met Tom.  She’d been at a fundraising ball to benefit one of the local museums, and had stepped into the garden for some fresh air.  Tom was there too, hiding.  The music from the band spilled through the open doors, and he’d asked her to dance.  They were married a year later.

Lately, Tom stopped looking at her the way he once did.  She killed herself in the gym for the past six months, determined to get into that magical dress again.  And now she had.  He would see her again.

“Are you ready?”  Tom asked, heading for the door, barely giving her a backwards glance.

Her stomach fell.  She felt the tears coming but refused to let them fall.  “I don’t feel very well.  I think I’ll stay home tonight.”

Tom let the door slam behind him as he left.  She sat at the table and laid her head down, realizing maybe it was time she found her own magic.

For Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers

20 thoughts on “The Dress

  1. That is a sad story Jenn! It seems the romance has disappeared from their marriage. Hopefully, she will be able to bring the magic back to their marriage. Wonderful story!

  2. There’s so much in this: her elation, their backstory, their current situation, the big disappointment and finally her aha moment. Seems like a lot to fit into such few words, but it doesn’t read forced at all. It’s great writing, Jenn! Hope she finds her magic…

  3. I read “She killed herself” and for a second it looked like a different story altogether … and then I finished the sentence. In the end, it came across really well (for me as a reader at least—not so much for the character)!

  4. She has the fortitude to lose weight and fit into the dress again, now she has to do it for herself an no one else, especially Tom!! Very well written.

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