It’s my 10th attempt at eyeliner this evening.  My eyes water as I accidentally stab my pupil once again.  I have to get it right.  She never leaves the house without eyeliner.  I’m more of a concealer and lip balm kind of girl.  But eyeliner is essential to my costume.  I restart the YouTube video again, and watch as the perky beauty blogger effortlessly lines her eyes.  Heavy, smoky, dark.  Words that seem to describe a hole in the wall bar instead of makeup, but to each her own.  I finally finish the liner, fluff my fresh glossy blowout, and complete my look with red, matte lipstick, something else I never wear.

I zip myself into her little black dress, step into her high heels and wobble to the door when I hear the doorbell ring.

“Zara, you look great!”  Brian greets me with a quick kiss on the lips, not realizing he’s just made all my dreams come true.  My heart seems to leave my body and float away into the clouds.

“Thanks.” I blush.  “Just let me grab my purse.”

I leave Brian in the foyer and rush back to the bedroom where my twin sister Zara is sleeping off this afternoon’s bender.  I grab her clutch from the bedside table and move the trash can closer to the bed in case she gets sick again.  I close the door behind me and stand taller in my shoes, trying to mimic her walk, feeling guilty for a second.  Then I think of all the nights she’s left me behind, pitying me as she walked out the door, a night of mystery and excitement ahead of her.

It’s just for one night.

Inspired by:

For Prompt Stomp

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