Hi Daddy

“What is that thing?”

“It’s called a penny farthing.”

“A penny what?”

“A penny farthing.  It’s an old-fashioned bicycle from the 1800’s.”

“And precisely how much did this ‘old-fashioned bicycle’ cost us?”

“Ummm…a few hundred bucks.”

“What!  We have a baby on the way.  We have to start saving!”

“I know…I just figured one last splurge..”

“That’s what you said last week about the new stainless steel grill, and the week before about the Atlanta Falcons season tickets…”

“This is the last one.  I promise.”

“Why do you keep buying all of this stuff?  You were never like this before!”

He paused.  “I just think we have to seize life while we still can…”

“Having a baby isn’t the end of the world.”

“It kind of is…”

“No, my love, it’s not.”  She rubbed his cheek with affection.  “It’s just the beginning of a new adventure.”

“An adventure of poopy diapers and non-stop screaming…”

“And tiny little dresses, ballerina shoes and tutus…”

“Wait – dresses, tutus?  It’s a girl?”

She nodded.  “I found out yesterday.”

He kissed his wife’s cheek, then placed his hand over her round belly.  His daughter responded with a tiny kick.

“See, she loves you already.”

For Sunday Photo Fiction


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