What Happens on the Way to Vegas…


OMG!  Where are you??!!!  Your parents are blowing up my phone!  The text from Samantha’s phone reads.

I’m on a bus with Slade.  We’re on the way to Vegas. Leigh types back.

OMG!  Are you guys getting married???

I turned 18 yesterday.  There’s nothing they can do.  We’re in love.

You have lost your mind.


Which chapel?

The little white wedding chapel.  The one where all the celebs go.  Slade made reservations at 6:00.  So excited!

Leigh’s mom passes Samantha’s phone back to her along with the promised $50, then turns to her husband.

“Looks like we’re spending the weekend in Vegas.”

For Friday Fictioneers!


24 thoughts on “What Happens on the Way to Vegas…

      1. Hi Jenn,

        Okay, I have to interject here. Since there are really few rules…one is the use of the photo prompt. While it’s perfectly fine to add another photo to go with your story, it’s really not okay to choose another photo to use instead.

        Yes, your story does go along with the prompt. At the expenses of sounding a like a dominatrix I do ask that the weekly prompt be used.

        That being said, I did like your story. Great twist at the end. Sneaky parents. Love that.

        Thank you for participating and understanding.



  1. Nice! Very good story.
    Somehow I don’t think this ceremony is even going to get to the question of objection before there is obvious objection. Hopefully she will forgive her parents their protection and not try this stunt again.

  2. That poor girl. In one swift move her mother has put a huge rift between them, and robbed her of a best friend. Wise or not, bribing the friend may be witty, but it’s also a horrible breach of trust. The girl is an adult (at least where I live), they better get used to it or they lose their daughter. That said: great story!

    1. Thanks, you actually are right. It’s a tough situation, do you let your kid go into a premature marriage or risk losing your relationship with her to stop her from making a bad decision.

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