No Babies!

A mother carried her infant down the aisle of the coach.  Rosa turned to Alfie, her husband of 50 years.

“Now we have to listen to some screaming baby through the entire tour.”

“This is absurd!”

Rosa didn’t even like her own children until they were three.

“We should protest!  NO BABIES!!  NO BABIES!!”  Alfie was the only one who joined in.

The tour guide approached them.  “I’m sorry, we’re going to have to ask you to leave.”

As they were escorted off the bus, Rosa looked behind her.  The baby was fast asleep.

Well, maybe that one wasn’t so bad.

For Friday Fictioneers


8 thoughts on “No Babies!

  1. Amazing! Some people just do not understand and can not tolerate anything no matter what the situation is. If everyone that has babies to care for never went anywhere so they would not bother someone…they would be staying home a very long time! People forget that They were babies at one time in their life and I’m quite sure they were not kept home all the time.

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