The Promise

Twenty years ago four friends had promised to return to this very spot on Labor Day, 2015, and unearth the time capsule they’d buried as children.  He doubted his childhood friends would remember, but Matt would keep his promise.  At least he was enjoying the hike. A butterfly seemed to be leading the way, landing on every bush and flower along the path.

As he drew nearer, he heard voices, jovial laughter.  Could it be?  He emerged from the trees and there they were.  Sean, Mike, and Landon, all holding shovels.  Sean picked up the last shovel from the ground and handed it to Matt.

“Couldn’t start without you, buddy!”

Matt smiled.  “Sorry, I’m late.”

For Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers!

18 thoughts on “The Promise

  1. This must have been a important ‘time capsule” for all four friends to arrive for this occasion? Enjoyed the read… but I would love to know what they buried!

  2. Aw, this just got me excited (the kind of “excited” when I jump up and hug the next person I come into contact with). What amazing things you’ve done in so few words. I felt very connected and comfortable with Matt’s voice, and I love the way you brought it all together. Thanks for making me smile and feel your story and characters. Excellent job!

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