Not knowing what to expect, he made his way into the dark of the forest.  The note from Christie told him to follow the trail until he made it to a clearing.  She would have a surprise waiting.  He had no idea what the surprise would be.  Christie could be pretty unpredictable.

As he drew closer to the clearing, he noticed trees with thick white ribbon wound around their trunks, bouquets of white flowers at their base.  When he rounded the curve, his heart stopped.  Christie was standing in the clearing, barefoot, wearing a white lace gown, a garland of wildflowers crowning her head.  A justice of the peace stood behind her, looking confused.  An older couple, whom Garrett assumed were Christie’s parents, stood off to the side beaming.  It was a wedding.

“Surprise!”  Christie yelled.  “Happy one month anniversary!”

Garrett slowly walked down the makeshift aisle, strewn with white petals, took Christie’s hand in his and said, “I don’t think this is working out.”

For Monday’s Finish the Story Challenge!


23 thoughts on “Unpredictable

  1. Oh no! What a slap in the face. Or was he just kidding? When you say 1 year anniversay, wedding anniversary? Or 1 year anniversary of being together? I am thinking a 1 year wedding anniversary, but then, they wouldn’t need a wedding. Either way, what a slap in the face! LOL!!

  2. Oh no. She was being so romantic for their one month anniversary and he says it is not working out. Oh well, he wasn’t dressed for the occasion was he. I think she should rethink her choice. Interesting take on the prompt.

  3. She sounds a bit intense… But it’s a great take on the prompt – I kept expecting something a lot more sinister. Then again, sounds like it’s a nightmare for Garrett.

  4. Just as he had completed his guarded words, Garrett felt the soft nudge… unmistakably a double-barrel. Turning Christie’s father was grinning. “Care to reconsider?” he asked. (Craziness runs in the family!)

  5. Ouch! That’s a real slammer. I guess she read him all wrong. I doubt she will make that mistake again! Great story and surprise ending…of a different kind. 🙂

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