Party of One

Sorry, I can’t make it.  I press send on the text message.  My phone buzzes in response.

??????? I can’t believe you’re missing ANOTHER one of my dinner parties.  I’m starting to take it personally, Jess responds.

I’ll be there next time.  I promise.

You better be!  We’re having a great time.

I put the phone down and curl up in bed, my dog snoozing at my feet, a new book on my nightstand.  I sip my tea and put my head against the window of my third floor apartment, watching the rain fall.

So am I, Jess.  So am I.

For Friday Fictioneers!


12 thoughts on “Party of One

  1. Some days, it is so much nicer to find oneself alone with a good book rather than in a noisy gathering! (Though I like those too!)

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