Writer’s Retreat

A long sip of coffee

A deep breath that calms me

White-capped mountains, frozen branches

Against my window, the wind dances

Alone, in a place I belong

Alone, imaginations roam

Alone, my mind is free

Alone, no doubts plague me

Alone, ideas take flight

Alone, I sit, and begin to write


13 thoughts on “Writer’s Retreat

    1. Thank you! Well, it’s not really mine, I just plan to reserve a cabin in the mountains for a few days in winter. I wish I owned a place like this.

  1. “Alone, in a place I belong”–what a compelling phrase. I’d love to be able to relate to that. (Still looking.) You take us–breathe us, arc us–into the best kind of solitude and oneness. Where one can create in a free and satisfying way. Thank you!

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