Pink Dress

The closet door was unlocked.  Mom always locked it before she went downstairs.  But today, not only was it unlocked, it was slightly ajar.  A light was on inside, beckoning her to come closer.  She might not ever got another chance like this.  I have to look.

There were old clothes hanging from hooks, things her mom hadn’t worn in years.  She fingered the threading on a cute purple boho tunic. Have to figure out a way to get mom to let me borrow that one.  A box on the floor caught her attention.  She sat on the floor, pulled it closer to her.  She opened it, only to find it was full of baby clothes.  She lifted an item from the top and held it to her nose.  It still smelled sweetly of formula and baby shampoo.  A tiny pink dress, covered in red and white flowers.  She suddenly felt dizzy.  Quickly, she crumpled the dress and stuffed it into her pocket, putting the box back as she found it.   Video played in her mind.  The news story she’d watched a day ago.  A 15-year-old cold case.  A baby girl wearing a pink dress with red and white flowers, stolen from a shopping cart.  Never found.

It’s a coincidence.  It has to be.

She laid in bed with the dress under her pillow as her mom peeked through the door to say good night an hour later, her head swirling with questions.

Inspired by Prompt Stomp!

Read Pt. 2 Stranger


15 thoughts on “Pink Dress

  1. Oh this is so…. Wow I can’t even find the right word. But a very good piece.
    I had imagined that the closet hid some secret but I hadn’t imagined something so serious.
    Very well written, Jenn.

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