The first day of fall.  Her favorite season.  It always meant change.  School starting.  A new chill in the air.   The leaves turning from lush green to bright shades of gold and red.

She sat on the bench across the street from their townhouse and watched as he moved the last of his things out of their formerly shared residence.  Her friends and family had suggested going away, seeing a movie with someone, having a long booze-filled lunch.  But she had to see it.  She wanted these images burned into her brain.  Now she knew it was really over.

She felt something cold and wet nudge her hand.  To her surprise, saw a puppy looking up at her with big brown eyes, her fur the same shade of gold the trees soon would be.  Smiling, she pulled the tiny thing into her lap.

When he was gone, she slowly walked through the door, the dog still in her arms.  She ignored the initial loneliness that smacked her in the face, making her heart feel like lead.  She focused on the fact that the air felt light and fresh without his things clogging up the place.  She felt peace.

Looking down at her new friend, she said, “Autumn.  Your name is Autumn.”

The dog seemed to like it, licking her face.  She shut the door and started their new life.

For Sunday Photo Fiction!


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