Aggressively Uncool – 10/5/15

Unlike my timid teenaged self, now I am brashly, aggressively, uncool and loving it.  My top three uncool-est moments below.

1.  My husband offered to take me to any restaurant I would like for my anniversary dinner last night.  Due to the torrential rain, my sleepiness, my intense craving for pancakes and coffee, and my desire not to change out of my sweats, I picked the local IHOP.  Those pancakes are bae!
2.  As we arrived at said IHOP, I spotted a middle-aged couple making out in broad moonlight in the parking lot.  As we left IHOP, they were still making out.  I yelled “get a room” out of the window and tried to speed off, but my car hit a speed bump so we put-putted away on a wobbling tire.
3.  A friend and I decided to climb Arabia Mountain to see the sunset from its peak.  A glorious sight.  But then we forgot our way down, the sun abandoned us and we got lost.  I had to call 911.  They sent fire, police, and a helicopter to search for us.  I stood on top of the mountain waving my tablet with its rapidly dying battery so they could find us.  Did I mention an old, super-cool acquaintance from my teen years is the fire captain and she was leading the rescue effort?  Humiliation!  But we laughed about it later.

Have fun this week!  Be quirky, be happy, be you!


5 thoughts on “Aggressively Uncool – 10/5/15

    1. Please laugh, believe me, we still are. That’s not even the half of everything that happened. I should right a full story about it. It was like a movie.

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