The Outcast

Read Odd Girl Out

It hadn’t been easy.   But on the other hand, it had been.  Every time she looked down at her scar.  A constant reminder that drove her rage.  A year of planning, but a full 12 months really hadn’t been necessary.  She could have organized this in a week.  Teenage girls were so easily manipulated.  Made-up rumors about ex-boyfriends and cruel gossip repeated to the right people.  Messages and pictures flying over state lines.  All set into motion by her.  The girl they’d dismissed as nothing.  So quickly, they’d all turned on Scarlett.  The girl who’d been their leader last summer.  They all really deserved payback.  But she reserved her hatred for Scarlett.  The queen bee.  The one who stared at her the day she walked through the cabin door last summer with disgust in her eyes before there’d even been one word spoken between them.  It was Scarlett who excluded her.  Who decided she didn’t deserve a chance.

She sat on her bed, waiting for Scarlett to arrive.  She’d made sure they’d be co-counselors this year.  She’d arranged it months ago.  The other girls, now her soldiers, waited quietly upstairs for their orders.  The door swung open and she could see sunny, perfect Scarlett was confused when she saw her perched on the bed. She didn’t think I’d come back.

Maggie looked up the steps and gave Laina the signal.  She thought she’d feel fear, or guilt, even empathy, as she watched Scarlett’s former friends ambush her, as Scarlett screamed silently, pointlessly, but she felt nothing.  Maybe Scarlett wasn’t the only monster.


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