Graduation Day

The Future – dun dun dun!!!

It doesn’t have to be scary.  That’s something I’ve learned from Writing 101 and Blogging 201.  Planning is essential.  I’m looking forward to:

Participating in NaNoWriMo.

My new features every Monday – since I’ve learned this is the day my blog gets the most traffic – flash fiction and a nonfiction piece that will be like having a cup of coffee with my readers, updating you on all the strange happenings in my life.  Here are two of my most popular nonfiction posts:

The Other Side


I’ll write flash fiction on other days if I feel so inclined, but I’ve noticed I don’t get as many clicks on Fridays, my previous regular day for flash fiction.  Guess everyone is getting ready for the weekend! Check out some of my latest flash fiction if you have time.

Odd Girl Out


I’d Like to Thank the Academy

The most exciting part of Writing 101 for me was getting to interview one of my favorite writers.  I’ve never actually gotten to talk to a published author about a book they’ve written and tell them how much I enjoyed it.  A bucket list moment for sure.  I may make Three Questions With… a monthly feature, if I get more responses from other writers.  Here’s my interview with Ted Heller:

Three Questions with Ted Heller

Finishing a book – once  I decide on which route to go.  I have two totally new ideas now, of course.

Building my social media presence and gaining more readers.

Discovering more blogs and meeting more great writers!  I love reading other flash fiction stories.

Keep in touch, classmates!  Don’t forget to sign my yearbook! Or leave a comment 🙂

7 thoughts on “Graduation Day

  1. Well done with all your writing101 achievements – been really nice ‘meeting’ you through the course. Hope you enjoy poetry too – catch up with you later 🙂 best wishes, Colette 🙂

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