I’m not a crafty/project kind of girl.  My idea of a project is seeing if I can finish an entire season of one of my favorite shows on Netflix in one day.  (I have, many times.  Yay me!)  But I have a family member who loves projects.  They give her a sense of purpose.  She thrives on them.  But she’s also a very talented artist.  I love painting; it’s very therapeutic.  I’m just no good at it.  I’m learning photography.  Well, I’m teaching myself from a series of articles online.  I think I’m getting good at it, just not good enough to post anything here.  But for me, there’s always been writing.  One thing I’ve learned – when I set goals and meet them, I get an amazing natural high.  So, for the month of November – I’ve decided to participate in NaNoWriMo.  The thing where you write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November.  I’ve got an outline and an introduction ready to go.  I’m half pantser half planner.  (You’ll understand that if you go to the website.)

I have another goal I want to reach in March.  I’m too nervous to reveal that one right now.  Fear of failure rearing it’s ugly head.  It’s physical in nature, not my strong suit.

I’d love to hear about any projects you have going right now, even if they only exist in your brain.  I have plenty of those too!


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