Traffic Jam

“We’re never going to get there in time!”

“Well, how far ahead is the accident?”

“I can’t tell, this stupid tow truck with those broken down cars is blocking my view.”

“We’re at a dead stop.  Get out and look!”

“Get out and look?  What if traffic starts moving again!”

“It won’t!  Ugh!!”

“What was that ‘ugh’ about?”

“You!  It was about you!  Obviously! You and your never wanting to do anything but sit and watch!”

“Add that to the list of things you can’t stand about me, I guess.  What else…let’s see, my family, my lack of ambition, my job, my clothes, my friends…”

“…your whining…”

“Yes, thank you so much for that, my whining.  You’re no walk in the park to live with either.”

“If it weren’t for me there wouldn’t even be a roof for you to live under.”

“Great, let’s add that to the list.  Makes less money…”

“…won’t ask for a promotion.  Mama’s boy…”

“You know what – I will get out and look.  To get away from you and have some peace for 10 seconds.”

As he opened the door, traffic in the next lane began to move.  He narrowly missed being run over by a truck as he leaped back in the car, slamming the door.

“I’m so sorry for the things I said.  I do love you.”

“I want a divorce.”

They were stuck in silence on the freeway for the next hour.

In response to Sunday Photo Fiction!


25 thoughts on “Traffic Jam

  1. Wonderful dialogue Jenn. I don’t like her very much. If that’s all she can say when he says, “I love you.” I think he can do better.

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