Flashy Friday – Millie’s

Nothing ever changed at Millie’s.  The jukebox only played Patsy Cline.  The special of the day was always Millie’s jalapeno chili, prepared by Millie’s daughter, Molly, since the real Millie had died 10 years ago.

Guys like him didn’t stroll into Millie’s everyday.  He was wreck-your-car gorgeous.

“Take your order?”

“Hmmm…what do you recommend?”

“Nothing.  Slightly better than death should be our slogan.”

He laughed heartily.  It wasn’t that funny.

“How about coming on a walk with me?  I’m staying right down the road…”


He gestured as if to say, have you seen me?

Sadie rolled her eyes.  “Order or leave.”

He pushed past her.  Molly leaped over the counter and ran after him.

Molly was gone for two weeks. She returned happy but minus the modest inheritance Millie had left her.  She said getting swindled had been worth the best time of her life.  Sadie gave her two weeks notice.  This place clearly killed brain cells.

Inspired by Flash Friday


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