Writers Quote Wednesdays – L. M. Montgomery

I think in life all we really want is someone that understands us.  I grew frustrated in my mid-twenties when I took my friendship inventory and realized that all of those relationships were so superficial.  I never expressed my true self.  I lied and said I was okay when I wasn’t.  I accepted treatment that was less than what I deserved.

In my thirties I finally realized – friendships are work.  I have to tell my friends when something they do bothers me, when my feelings are wounded, when I need something.  That’s what relationships are.  I had to realize I was worthy of that.

I was hurt recently.  Not a deep, gushing wound that is irreparable, but it definitely stings.  And I’m terrified.  But I’m going to be honest.  The friendship is worth it.  I know that if I don’t say anything, like so many other times before, the bitterness will grow and grow until the relationship self-destructs.  That’s the last thing I want to happen. For the first time in my life today I’ll look a friend in the eye and say something I’ve never said to anyone in my adult life.  You hurt me.

Inspired by Writers’ Quote Wednesday


16 thoughts on “Writers Quote Wednesdays – L. M. Montgomery

  1. Welcome back and what an Excellent quote! I lost an old fried a few years back that I should have let go of long ago. Out of guilt I hung on, and I was hurt when she ended it! Always be true to yourself. Thanks for reminding us. 💗

    1. Glad to be back, I love this feature. I have been through similar situations with friends. Always better to be honest. That’s how we find our true kindred spirits! :-).

      p.s. I talked to my friend and everything is great now. I’m the Anne to her Diana 🙂

  2. Hi Jenn. I have three comments to share: (1) I enjoyed reading your Flash Fiction. Great idea and well written. (2) I love the icons you have created as links to your various fiction categories. Good for you! (3) A small correction: The word Wednesday is misspelled in the title “Writers Quote Wednesdays.” 😉 And I love the L.M.Montgomery quote. “Anne Shirley” is one of my favorite fictional characters. I have read and reread that book multiple times.

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