It was her time.  Kids dropped off at school, errands done, husband on his way to work, a healthy lunchtime treat, packed by her, sitting on the empty seat next to him.  There were chores waiting on her once she went back home.  Dishes in the sink, laundry to put up, a dog to walk and bathe who was probably burying one of his rawhide bones in their sofa at that very moment.  But now, as she set her canvas on the easel, took out her brushes and paints and inhaled deeply, taking in the natural beauty of the gardens, the vibrant colors, the lush greenery, the quiet, the woman who gave baths and made lunches seemed miles away.  Her shoulders relaxed.  For the next hour, all she had to be was her true self, the artist.  The girl she was long before she became a wife, mom, courier, short-order cook, and dog groomer.  These hours, alone in the garden, had saved her.  She smiled secretly and began to paint.

Prompt provided by Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers!

29 thoughts on “Self-Preservation

  1. It’s wonderful that she can escape it all through her painting. I also think her being able to escape from her daily chores also helps her to be a better mother and wife. I love all the descriptions in your story. This is a great story! Thank you for participating in Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge

  2. I tell you I am one lucky fellow. Working every day during the week and my wife allows me to take off on the weekends and shoot. Photography, that is. What’s best, she says enjoys coming with me! I really liked your story. Thank you.

      1. Agreed. I’ve really grown a lot since getting married and my wife encouraging me. She’s a great writer and I keep telling her to start a blog. But she has no confidence. I keep trying, though!

  3. Despite what we become in life we should never lose sight of our true selves. That is what this story tells me. That is was wonderful to shed everything else and just be a painter.
    Great story.

    1. Same here. I take me time away from the hubby every day and feel absolutely no guilt. I don’t have babies yet so I’m sure that will make a difference. But hopefully then still I’ll carve out me time. Thanks for reading.

  4. You paint such a wonderful picture (pun intended!) of all the mundane details of life, and how they add up and can overwhelm you if you don’t have a lifeline to hold onto, where you can remind yourself what and who you were before all of this started. Nicely done.

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