New Feature Time

So thanks to the great advice from the Blogging 201 course, I’ve decided to re-vamp my weekly features.  No more Serial Scribblings on Mondays.  This feature hasn’t gotten many clicks.  It has been difficult to promote, self-promotion isn’t one of my strong suits, and it’s hard to promote a book that isn’t even completed yet.  I think I will wait until the book(s) are completed and nearing publication before printing excerpts.  For those of you who were reading them, don’t fret, more stories about Nic and Leelah are coming once the book is done.

I’ve decided to do three weekly features for the next thirty days, then I’ll re-group from there and see which ones I should continue.  There will be Flashy Fridays (sorry for the cheesy name) since people seem to enjoy reading flash fiction, Six Word Sundays, even shorter stories, and  then Meaty Monday (not sold on that name yet) where I publish dramatic, descriptive longer short stories, or pieces about me that let you into my world, my struggle with self-publishing, my anxiety, my life with my husband and dog, whatever’s on the top of my head at the moment.  Longer, but not too long.  Hope to see you tomorrow for Flashy Friday.


5 thoughts on “New Feature Time

  1. It’s hard to lock yourself into something. After a month, I gave up on strange holiday thing. It was fun finding then but it died quickly. Challenges are nice and orderly. Photos days are nice and well received

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